Lab Testing

Greetings Fellow Growmies! Trim Queen Inc is proud to announce Lab testing! We have paired up with WeeDefine to bring you the most accurate results.

We all share a love for great homegrown cannabis...but how can you be sure you are getting the most out of your buds?Are you interested in sending your bud samples to a lab...but aren't willing to sacrifice your hard-earned crop?How can you be sure you're getting the best results possible?
The answer is simple...with WeeDefine™ x Trim Queen Inc!
We are dedicated to elevating the lives of our Craft Cannabis Communities through innovative, eco-friendly services and solutions.  
SMART potency testing can elevate your returns with minimal investment and impact.
WeeDefine x Trim Queen Inc is pleased to introduce our Premier Analysis Package... Curated for home growers.

What do you get?

■ Lab accredited analytics. We include a digital content video of us testing your cannabis sample.
■ An official certificate of analysis (COA) for each bud sample submission revealing its total THC & CBD potency along with moisture composition.
■ Your Flower sample, safely returned to your mailing address once the analysis package is completed...ready to be enjoyed with all-new insight.

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